Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Earth Rabbits Forth

A few years back, I got a regular, full time job, and that has made it hard to get back to this blog on adventures in walking, especially as my walking is now mainly limited to tramping in circles around my building complex during breaks at work. A reason for writing about the things I think about or observe while walking is to challenge myself to think about new things, and to observe the world differently, so as to engage the world in new ways. Though, happily, I've made a firm habit of using my breaks for walking (instead of web-surfing or whatever else), it is difficult for me to shift from my "at work" frame of mind to a more creatively altered state. Despite that, the walks do air my brain, and I still have some Nature-world contacts. This past week, the lawns abutting the parking lots have been dotted with bunnies--large ones as well as fairly small ones. My son and I used to notice such rabbit outbreaks on our own lawn, but though I do have a resident rabbit, my neighborhood population has been down for a while. When I see a landscape sprinkled with bunnies, it is almost as if they had grown out of the earth like wildflowers, so I like to say that the earth "rabbits forth," (because it is sending up rabbits).

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