Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Morning Magic

Next to the morning after Halloween, my favorite morning for walking is Easter. Because I get to see how some families are getting set up for their egg hunts, I know that children’s excitement is soon to follow, and that some good memories will be made for those families. On top of that, I have always felt Easter morning has an air of magic. As a child, I walked to Sunday school every week, but walking to church on Easter seemed special because the morning sun always seemed to be shining more intensely, and there was that elevated sense of sacredness. In fact, I have a bit of a superstitious belief that Easter is always a sunny day, because I can’t remember one that wasn’t. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to town this morning for my walk, because I was buried under a truckload of coursework. I did finally get out locally, in the late afternoon, and am noticing that the trees are starting to shed their bud scales, though they are not yet piling up in windrows. Nature writers have pointed out that everybody notices the fall of leaves in autumn, yet the shedding of the bud scales is a second kind of fall, which largely goes unnoticed.

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