Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Performance Art

Continuing my observations on Halloween decorations: holiday decorations and other forms of yard art can be seen as a performance that householders put on for their communities. The performative nature of such decorations is seen in the African American term, “yard show.” Material culture scholars have noticed that yard shows incorporate many of the same features as cemetery decorations, so it’s amusing to note that some people convert their front yards into cemeteries at Halloween. I have yet to fathom the philosophical implications of this type of yard display.

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Margie McArthur said...

Hi Janie!

We do a graveyard in our front yard every year. Well, in reality, it's Abby's creation; she just bosses us around and tells us where to put things. It's been a real hit with the neighbors, who frequently come back several times on Halloween night, telling us how much they love it.

Check my blog, "Writing While Under the Influence of Faeries" for a couple photos.